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The wonders of Menton Marine Area


Enjoy what is considered the most transparent coastal water of the Mediterranean.

Come and join us on a boat where you also can view the Marine Area below the water's surface from the windows to the side of you!

It's not a real submarine as it doesn't dive.

You can leave the cabin and walk on the deck at any time during the tour.

As you are renting a boat you can instruct the captain according to your wishes.

The sea around Menton is known for its crystal clear waters, which are highly valued by swimmers and divers.


There are several reasons why the sea in this region is so clear:

Lack of pollution: The area is relatively free of pollution, thanks to strict environmental regulations and the efforts of local authorities and residents to protect the natural environment.​

Clean Harbour certificate: The Harbours of Menton is kept to the highest environmental standards and has a "clean harbour certificate".

Biodiversity certification: The Harbours of Menton is one of the few harbours that have a full "biodiversity certification", due to the commune's hard work on preserving the marine environment.

Rocky seabed: The seabed is mostly made up of rocks, which do not stir up sediment like sand or mud. This means that the water remains clear and transparent, allowing sunlight to penetrate deeper into the water and create vibrant colors.

Good water circulation: The sea around benefits from good water circulation, which helps to maintain a healthy ecosystem and keep the water clear. The currents and tides in the area create a natural flow of water that helps to flush out pollutants and maintain good water quality.

Overall, the clear waters around Menton are the result of a combination of factors, including the natural environment, environmental protection measures from the comune, and good water circulation.


We have a bell you can ring when you see something special in the water. When the captain hears the bell he will stop the boat for you to enjoy the special moment.

Do you want more?

Book us for a private journey, half or full day, evening, ... up to 10 passengers.

On request: Organisation of birthday parties, loving moments, or what you wish!


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